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Ah Accra, I'd forgotten how oppressively hot, dirty and dusty it can be, it's complete chaos, with all the street sellers, tro-tros, cabs and so many people trying to get their right of way, with the sudden random 'sewerage' smell that suddenly wafts past and the ear piercing music blasted out of speakers that have seen far better days, it's trying at the best of times but is so rich in history, with such friendly and helpful people, the chaos just seems to add to the interest.

Our time in Accra is only brief, enough time to organise a few visas for later in the trip and stock up on supplies as well.


We're right in the heart of the chaos, with our hotel (hostel) being a rustic yet welcome relief, with a rooftop terrace, fans and aircon, running water and a restaurant with good food and more importantly a bar with icy cold drinks.


We've spent a bit of time wandering around (or squeezing with the locals in the tro-tros) checking out the art and cultural centre which was a bit average, the best art was their wooden doors and their cafe where they treated us to some local music whilst we sat back and enjoyed some local Ghanaian food of red red (spicy fried beans) with fried plantain.


Jamestown was interesting, now considered a 'historic town' but really just decrepit with slums dotted around, you actually smell it before you see it, but if you wander around a bit you get a sense of what it was like with the interesting architecture and being right on the water you sense at one point it was quite a bustling cargo hub.


We headed out to Teshie to see the "famous" coffin makers that will make a coffin shaped, reflecting anything you like, a cool movie projector perhaps, or maybe a helicopter or how about a bag of flour (someone really must love flour) or what about inside a bottle of beer, Dad? Or bottle of Coke, Bloss? Really interesting and a lot of work goes into their creations too, they whip them up pretty quick from couple of hours to a couple of weeks, they offered to make me one that looks like me but that felt a bit self indulgent, considering the Port one they offered to make though based on my cap..


Took some time out today and headed just over an hour tro-tro ride away to the aribu botanical gardens, not amazing but very peaceful and tranquil and a nice spot to just get some fresher air and some calm in this chaotic city. I did enjoy the rusty helicopter, it was a botanic species I hadn't come across before.


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